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Global Investment Management is the premier asset management organization in the market today, having consistently delivered competitive asset performance to our clients, irrespective of the obstacles presented by any economic climate. We pride ourselves on the sophistication and success of the services we provide for our clients.

Our competitive interest rates are guaranteed for an initial period determined by the contract. Make the most of your cash reserves with our secure online investment solutions. We offer fixed interest with the added possibility of keeping your savings in Dollar, Euro, or Gold.

Special Offer

  • Interest: 25%

  • $500

  • days

Special Offer is the best solution for investors who need instant access to their funds. Withdrawals and deposits can be made at any time. With this account, you don't have to wait till the terms end to withdraw your money. 

Short Term Deposit

  • %

  • $2,000

  • 10 days

Invest your money by saving it in a Short Term Deposit account which provides you with a wide range of benefits and attractive interest rates. This program is suitable for all savers and investors who need a secure home for their funds. No monthly fees are needed to open or maintain your account.

Fixed Deposit

  • %

  • $10,000

  • days

A Fixed Deposit is a short term savings account in which the depositor receives a fixed interest rate. Upon maturity of this account, our client will receive the deposit at the strike price at the end of the deposit period. At the time your account matures, you receive your money back with the interest earned.


  To start your investment with us:

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 - Choose your investment plan.
 - Enter your Perfect Money account number. (Please check here for the detail information in case you don't have a Perfect Money account.)
 - Enter your email address and press "Invest Now". 
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Referral Program

When you refer an investor to our website, you will receive 5% of your referrer's deposit. The referral commission will be paid instantly. Please note, it is not necessary to have a deposit in our system in order to participate.

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